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Invincible Me knockout loss to low br

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  • Invincible Me knockout loss to low br

    karin, fangwood forest oceanic

    i have high br for my lv n i suppose get top 8 IM even the champion.i'm the last champion but today knock out round i not even get into top 8...i really very mad...loss to low br?this is insane n this is not fair for u think their system is work well?cause i think it's not.maybe it's bug

    this is the screen shot

    Click image for larger version

Name:	invincible me 1.jpg
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Name:	invincible me 2.jpg
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Name:	invincible me 3.jpg
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Name:	invincible me 4.jpg
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    pls do something

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    u can see my total br is the highest...i really pis sed off


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      Highest BR isn't everything..
      Wrong skills can mess up your game.
      Wrong talents (Holy seal does NOT work in invincible)
      Wrong dragon talents
      Too much BR from Matk is useless
      And so on.

      Your screenshots show losses against players with almost the same BR, just a little bit lower. Probably a few mages?

      My own example: Last IM i had 700k BR (Mage), with a 850k Dragon and a pretty good nymph. I managed to kill a fair few warriors with 700-800k BR. Br is not all that matters in IM.


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        by the looks of it, the low BR is not low BR.. but only the players BR without counting the dragons br....

        if I look at snails BR with dragon, its 1225825 in the rank list but in the knock out round its 529826
        if I look at your BR with dragon, its 1273385 in the rank list.....but your character BR only is 574914 in the knockout round

        so I am not seeing a bug that caused you to lose to low levels......
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          i'm the last champion for lv 60...n my br is not fake i not up matk,my holy seal is low cause i know its not work in IM or csc so i not up holy seal much.i know some are about same br but few of them is about 100k...n thats make me can't enter top 8


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            this is my stat from that IM

            Click image for larger version

Name:	insane.jpg
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ID:	1701242


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              10k crit? You probably use catastrophe orbs too...


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                i not use crit cause for me imposibble to crit other i max my def and my patk.quite tanky...for lv 60 noone can crit me...ok maybe just not my luck...give other player to get chance this time...hope i can take back my crown next time


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                  BR doesnt matter as much as u think. im 260k on one of my servers and i have beat people 300k+. Just saying


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                    hmmm if u say like that,do u think this one can beat me?compare it

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	insane 2.jpg
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Name:	insane3.jpg
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                      if this happen again next time,it mean knockout system s about luck,not based on power...


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                        Originally posted by R21674023 View Post
                        hmmm if u say like that,do u think this one can beat me?compare it

                        He doesn't crit you, and you don't crit him, so you have 25k BR wasted on him there (extra unused cdef).. you have 54k matk as war vs. his 42k patk as mage. You have another 12k wasted there. Another 50K extra BR in worthless PDEF compared to his semi worthless MDEF (cause mdef is effective against nymphs)

                        So right off the bat you can chop 87k BR you have over him as completely worthless.

                        I think you should win the fight.. but might come down to nymphs.. luck. I would not be shocked if you lost.


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                          There is an issue when players doesnt update their skills to duel variant and lose to lower BR, there is no bug in current version of IM, except players choosing wrong skills/orbs/talents.
                          Last edited by Alkaris; 11-11-2014, 05:27 PM.


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                            my nymph ilustria star 11 n he only rowan star 10 whatever just see if next IM still happen like this or not...


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                              thanks alkaris...