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    Is there a bug where the buff isn't working for Guild Dungeon?

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    No idea if it's a bug or not. I asked also trying to figure out if it's suppose to be that way where a lower BR or Lower Level person can't get the buff.


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      We have a couple that have the same Level/BR/Dragon, and one of them can get to Floor 14, when the other is stuck at 10.


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        Just in case it is needed

        Click image for larger version

Name:	GrimmFail.jpg
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Size:	865.5 KB
ID:	1701482


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          I asked about it, numbers should be right, but looks like buff apply only once. I will tell about it after confirmation.


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            Originally posted by R269008869 View Post
            Is there a bug where the buff isn't working for Guild Dungeon?

            There is something about it

            Always, everytime I play whern Dragon attacks first his first attack is not buffed. I know damage varies, there can be some deviation and differences in damage done but not at that scale and not always. There are SS below (both are from same fight, both are also special attack)

            First special attack
            Click image for larger version

Name:	Dragon1stSpecial.JPG
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Size:	58.1 KB
ID:	1701491

            Second special attack
            Click image for larger version

Name:	Dragon2ndSpecial.JPG
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Size:	66.4 KB
ID:	1701492

            My lower BR toon (300k BR) at lvl 16 seem not to be buffed at all. Not sure if that is bug but is it possible that buff triggers when certain lvl of BR is achieved? (buff should be applied up to lvl 17 since it is the highest lvl achieved and higher BR toon receives it correctly)
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              Anyway i was told that there is no error in numbers.


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                I'm confused, so how come some people don't get the buff?


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                  Originally posted by Alkaris View Post
                  Anyway i was told that there is no error in numbers.
                  It's just partly right. The damage buff is applied but just on dragon ( on SECOND turn) AND no damage reduced buff. Below is first turn and second turn and this is clear dungeon already to begin with
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	clear.png
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Size:	663.7 KB
ID:	1701537

                  First dragon attack(no increase): Click image for larger version

Name:	bug1.png
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Size:	554.3 KB
ID:	1701538

                  No damage reduced (100k damage) : Click image for larger version

Name:	bug2.png
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Size:	529.9 KB
ID:	1701539

                  First player attack (no increase): Click image for larger version

Name:	bug3.png
Views:	1
Size:	498.7 KB
ID:	1701540

                  Second dragon attack (buff applied) :Click image for larger version

Name:	bug4.png
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Size:	522.4 KB
ID:	1701541

                  Second player attack (still not buff) :Click image for larger version

Name:	bug5.png
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Size:	557.8 KB
ID:	1701542

                  Is there still no bug ????/


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                    can somebody please explain how it's possible to try the 16th guild dungeon over 12 times doing no visible damage every single time and then suddenly somehow win despite
                    the demons being able to 2 shot a dragon guardian with more BR than the actual player?


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                      There is obviously something wrong. My alt on another server is stopped at level 9, when its been cleared to 15. It has to be something to do with BR, because my alt is pretty weak.


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                        ive been noticing some problems as well. I know on my end i can beat up to level 16 un-buffed but need to be fully buffed with level 5 scrolls to touch level 17. The first day i did level 17 in 3 tries, the second day took about 25 tries then the next about 70. i know everything is chance with certain skills triggering at different times but it seems a bit odd. The strength seems to have either gone up or something happens on level 18. plus the jump between level 16 and 17 seems a bit extreme.


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                          I am only speculating, but it seems that the monsters have a special shield, if you can't do a certain amount of damage in your aoe attack, it's just a failure. For the rewards gained, I'll gladly pop a crit, patt (whichever you need), and hp scroll on the daily~
                          Kongregate S2 Tuffymon~


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                            I didn't get the buff till it was too late. First aoe attack, was doing 12k-16k damage. Second aoe attack 230K to 310K. On other attempts, it even got up to 650K, still failing though.

                            Is there something more to the buff that isn't being communicated?
                            for example, is it a progressive buff as in it gets stronger with each attack?
                            If it is a progressive buff why am I not getting a progressive defense and why don't my nymph and dragon get it?

                            How are these numbers "right"?

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	Bufftoolate.jpg
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Size:	918.5 KB
ID:	1701637
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                              just putting in my input on this..

                              I have noticed i do more damage on my 3rd turn with my AoE skill WITHOUT the buff.. So what i am assuming is the mobs have a first turn "buff" that reduces the damage they take from the first attack.. Due to this reduction, and as what some people guessed, it might be possible that as a result, people with lower BR cannot pass through the "minimum damage", and thus do less damage..

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_59.png
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Size:	370.1 KB
ID:	1701656
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_58.png
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Size:	641.5 KB
ID:	1701657Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_57.png
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Size:	693.9 KB
ID:	1701658

                              The left shows my first turn attack and the right is the 2nd time i attacked.

                              The difference is damage is almost 2 times, showing that there is some weird "buff" that lowers the attack of the first hit.
                              And as the top screenie showed~ it is not affected by the GD buff.
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