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X-Mas Tree event bugged

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  • X-Mas Tree event bugged

    what is with the x-mas tree event ? i onley get 2 purification essence per day , sometimes i get that dark tail too, where are the rest? for 4 days no shards ?and i use 140-180 decorations per day , and other players ( they use same amount of decoration ) get 3-4 seahorse shards per day,1-2 glorya shards per day, and the windrunner outfit and the wings 1 shard per day, and me zero shards ????? how can it be posible , its a bug or what ?? plz help me

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    how can it be posible , its a bug or what ??
    Its not a bug, its just you not lucky.


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      thats all , i'm not lucky ? i wanna cry


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        well talk about unlucky i think i`m the best unlucky player lol


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          Originally posted by R272371341 View Post
          thats all , i'm not lucky ? i wanna cry
          Yes, im also not always get shards and other things, but that how random works.

          Also this is not forum to discuss your luck.