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Equipment evolution problem

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  • Equipment evolution problem

    Having spent most of december leveling up to 90 (and being delayed by the rollback) today I finally made it. The main reason in reaching level 0 was to evolve my gear from level 80 to 90 for which I had been saving items for months.

    Today I did the evolve, ran through all my gear, as I had everything needed for all ten items. then i switched to enchant to bring it back up to max enchants only to find that only the yellow gear (jewelry had actually leveled up to 90 all the rest is still level 80, everything wasted and now I will have to spen months getting what I need to try again.

    no screen shot of before as I was expecting it to work correctly, are there any logs that you can check and possably refund the items and fix the problem.


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    Such progress is not tracked in logs.
    And you also cant provide proof that you had those items or actually lost them.