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Dragon Tokens

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  • Dragon Tokens

    The game really should give you a way to get back dragon tokens that your previously earned. I did the work like everyone else, then life got in the way were I physically could not get on the game. I was kicked from my guild and the token was deleted. I put in a ticket, but my ticket was answered with a extremely unhelpful answer that I am sure was a copy and paste job. Now I can't lvl my toon because I will be missing to much BR for my dragon. I have heard of many other players having the same issue and are also upset about it.

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    Screenshots of your dragon panel, inventory and completed den for that dragon token.
    And character and server name of course.


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      Click image for larger version

Name:	7 dragons.png
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Size:	471.0 KB
ID:	1711908

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Dragon Pannel.png
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Size:	483.6 KB
ID:	1711909

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Inventory.png
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Size:	538.7 KB
ID:	1711910

      Is this what you need? BTW. TY!


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        Server is Jade Forest (US East )
        Anamantia is her name.
        Thank you again!

        Ancient Thunder Dragon is the only one I am missing.
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          Are those not the screen shots you need, or is recent events made my post forgotten? lol


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            Originally posted by Anamantea View Post
            Are those not the screen shots you need, or is recent events made my post forgotten? lol
            It takes time. A lot of it.


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              That's fine. I understand. Just wanted to make sure you had what you needed. Ty for answering.


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                Is this still going to be taken care of? I keep waiting for it and waiting while my friends lvl. It is rather depressing.


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                  if i where you dear make a ticket out of it give them the same screen shots
                  i might be faster
                  and you will recieve mails about the process

                  hugs and peace
                  just trying to help


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                    Thank you for the tips. I will try that. I have been trying to be patient because I know they are busy, but I want to level. I have been at this lvl a long time and want to enjoy the new content.