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Seriously, u really gonna close ppl venting threads? its not forum mods we mad at....

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  • Seriously, u really gonna close ppl venting threads? its not forum mods we mad at....

    ok i made another thread as in i paid quite a bit towards playing this. but not as much as most. but a paying customer is same and same no matter how much we spent. but u say we need to calm down but we are not mad at u guys (forum mods) we voicing our feelings through forum thread which, i believe in this case we have our right to say as it comes out. do not take anything as a fear threat from ur loyal customers some of us 2 yrs or more invested money and time. you guys assured us (game devs) that this was the event ppl shouldn't have to produce screenshot or place tickets unless they lost money or returned gold how many they spent over the event timing. i spent around a good amount during the event some i saved and some i gain during event. what would be fair is u guys really compensate that and those who spent real gold and recharged for gold.or it would only be far to bring back the event as it stood they day it started including the time we have missed from the beginning of event. outside of that the only thing players would like is 500k real gold for all players active during this week. ty forum mods for not closing this vent thread we explaining our feelings to game devs good day all and be as kind as u guys can but let them know what uy want to happen. see ingame if they choose the right thing.

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    We are closing threads, because its hard to deal with multiple threads about the same thing. Especially when that thing is blaming R2 staff.


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      not all the venting threads have been closed you must understand that multiple threads regarding the same issue is confusing time consuming and totally uneccesary
      please try see it from our perspective its hard enough to answer questions when we are still waiting for answers as well and the multiple threads all over the forum regarding this makes it very difficult for us to keep up with responding to posts and we find ourselves answering the same questions over and over again
      Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.