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missing Amethyst

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  • missing Amethyst

    now this is not the first time something like this has happened to me I had over 10 Million in Amethyst I gave my guild 1 million, changed one lvl 3 gem
    and did a single player blitz payed the 20 vouchers to end the blitz and now I only have just over 1 million amethyst left over.

    can any one help me with this

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    Probably you made a mistake when was making donation to guild.
    There is no known issues with unknown amethyst disappearance, all that we encountered is player using them and not noticing it.


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      Yes could see that with some. but I checked my Amethyst after I made the donation and I still had over 9 million left over, and my guild contribution did not go over
      what the 1 million I put in. Like I said this is not the first time. It is some of the small things like this that I now will not pay for the game, And I was about to get myself
      and my girlfriend VIPs this week but if for all the small things I'm thinking of not doing it, afraid that something else like this will pop-up.


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        Well, these small things happens only to you and by your claim. Usually if some small things happens to other people few times they are making screenshot and do a post about it.
        They also provide their character name and server number, so we can check this issue for them.
        If you want i can try to check your history, for that i need character name, server number and exact date your small thing happen. But probably it is accidental spending which you didnt notice/was not aware.
        As other thing it is possible that someone else had access to your account and did some spending, in that case i strictly recomend that you change your password.
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