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  • recharging

    hello well ibeen trying to recharge in my country iraq by mobile method since we dont use credit cards in iraq any way the mobile method doest worl tried alot reported the problem to XSOLLA but no use been long time not just me my partner 2 hes in Iran got the same problem please fix it

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    Sorry, but for mobile payments you need to contact XSOLLA support, as they are one who provide that option.
    You can also try to contact our support under billing category, but most likely they will give same answer.


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      ialready did god ihope they fix it cause icant get stronger without unreturned gold coins they help more thanks any way iwill try


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        i am trying to recharge today through the normal channels but it gives me all the right ways the words ; Service unavailibile..


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          Originally posted by R214311607 View Post
          i am trying to recharge today through the normal channels but it gives me all the right ways the words ; Service unavailibile..
          Try different browser and/or contact support.


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            Support seems to be having issues with completing transactions as well. I recharged 1/22/2016 at 3:31 pm, according to the receipt, but did not receive gold until the afternoon
            of 01/24/2016. I messaged support during guild temple on the 23rd, so that I would receive my gold in time to buy the Colorful Crystals pack, and was unable to complete
            that transaction, due to the 48 hrs of lag.

            S134 Goblin's Gully


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              cant spend still coz need to be recharged but some recharge method not available
              can u just make consideration and make my spending counted until i can recharge pls!
              coz in previous ur spending is consider counted (rgc in shop) with just vip or higher and that time recharging method are available.
              but now, u need to recharge but the recharge method not available.....
     can that means u should make consideration to my situation R2..just want to enjot the game thats all...thank you!

              Mid_night/glenfair forest
              emeraldElf/ashwood forest


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                Did you ever consider an alternative option since u from iraq i would reccomend u to try out daopay our try recharing with your phone