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items bug

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  • items bug

    there are 2 items buged. the first one is this
    kissing fool title card, when u use it , it pops a msg when u got it already, and item still in bag, u cant sell it, or destroy , just take 1 place on inv foreverer

    the second item is aniversary chest
    when u use it, it beggin to load and game break, never end loading so u can't open them.

  • #2
    do you already have the title kissing fool if so its not bugged and just requires a request for sell to be added

    as for the anniversary chest how long have u had it in your inv did u acquire it in a recent event
    i ask this because it was from the first anniversary event and also gave points for an event thats no longer active in game
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      the bug of tittle card is, u can't sell it, so its takes place on inv
      the aniversary chests was from long time ago, they was on guild bank xD


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        Still same bug, nothing done on it, can't DELETE the items or use it, SOLVE IT please


        • #5
          Character name and server number?


          • #6
            Reena S67 got kissing fool and elirv S67 got aniversary chests (is my real gf and i post the bug for her)


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              Originally posted by R2976929 View Post
              Reena S67 got kissing fool and elirv S67 got aniversary chests (is my real gf and i post the bug for her)
              This was reported, now you need to wait until devs add options for this items to be removed.