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Just a small hiccup

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  • Just a small hiccup

    There's a lil* bugsie, that can or cannot be called as such.

    The "Online Bonus" in hot events is bein*.. either friendly or total (Censored). Depends on if I could remember how many certain items I had in inve before noticin* it.. I onned in game around the game reset time and -as it happens- fell asleep after less than 15 mins of gamin*, wakin* up much, much... MUCH later, all redi to claim my online stuffs... But what did I see when I checked the tab was

    ERMEHGAWD! O.O I MUST'VE SLEEP PLAYED! was my first thought for it to be claimed. Then it occurred that I use a password on lappie and it's located onna spot I could not get without surely wakin* while pawin* around some furnitures. Then.. I went with the obvious solution of refreshin* the game. Nope, still claimed and most likely missin* the items. And for the record, it's second day inna row this occurs.
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    You have posted two same screenshots, saying that they are different.
    Please check if you added right screenshots.


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      Well, i think it would be good to try another browser first.... its clear that this one cant handle the game well with your current connection/PC specs.
      As you can see in status bar the game contents are still downloading, and the icons not even loaded properly.
      If you have a low ammount of RAM memory Chrome/Opera is never a good choice.
      I would suggest IE with up-to-date Flash player if you play on windows system or firefox if you dont
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