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New Duel Bug?

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  • New Duel Bug?

    On s41/s134 Goblin's Gully, US East, we have Boss Invasion happening at the same time as Dragonian Duel. Ok, not a biggie.
    What I did on Tuesday, was to do BI first, then enter the Temporary Match for D Duel. Not as many points, but hey, it worked.

    So, I tried doing that again today. I was unable to enter Duel, during the active time, after refreshing, then even closing the browser and restarting it.

    Has anyone else experienced this? I am still listed as the team leader in a Signed Up! team, although I did miss Duel altogether on Saturday. I had made it into a
    regular match on the Thursday last.

    Oh, it's in the screenshot, but...

    RagnaRick lvl 120
    S134 Goblin's Gully US East

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    Maybe because of this?

    5. Team members need to stay online and form a team to enter the event at least 5 minutes before it starts. If not, players can join the event via Temporary Match (please note that a successful match is not guaranteed).
    14. Temporary Match only works 10 minutes after the event starts.


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      Thank you, Alkaris. But, we don't have anything past 10.

      As in, nowhere does it mention Temporary Matches are only available in first 10 minutes. So, that might be something else they want to look at, the missing text.


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        Text window is limited and devs rarely can do anything about it.