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CSC signup issue still not fixed

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  • CSC signup issue still not fixed

    when r2 gonna hire people that can actually fix bugs instead sitting doing nothing all day,getting sick and tired all bugs and always same answer ..we working on it.. yeah sure like we player's are dumb or something,like waiting for rabbit wings to
    unbind them,yeah we working on it by next update,this was a 8 month's ago,why you put an event and it doesnt even work,only a useless dev would do something dumb like that,i have runner up csc team and signup but looked and csc screwed....again
    Click image for larger version

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    the problem is that devs have "no timeline to fix bugs". maybe they should organize themselves and estabilish some goals.
    It sounds so lazy for me, if i dare to say those things to my costumers probably i already would be fired.
    btw atm i have "no timeline to spend again in this game"


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      devs dont actually care... if they did, would be sorted by now


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        DragonPals is not made by R2 and so hiring people will not change fixing bugs.
        This thread is duplicate of this one so it is closed and renamed as it is defamatory.