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Severe Lag in game

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  • Severe Lag in game

    This all started today. It started off giving login errors which other people have reported as well. Took 6 times refreshing to get my char logged in to the game. Now there is SEVERE lag where I can barely do anything. I go to click rewards or to do anything and the game momentarily freezes up. I know its not my computer as other players are having the same issues. Its not my browser, its not my cache as I already checked all that too. Please fix the lag ASAP. It is affecting game play severely.

    S105 Cloud Canyon US West (is affecting other servers too. S170 Nightfall Steppes US East and S124 Deadly Rise US West. Not sure how many others are affected)
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    the lag is now causing this to happen along with the constant freeze up in game. It seems to be primarily on the west servers right now that this is happening on.

    S105 Cloud Canyon US West


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      We tested it with other characters and had mentors test it too, there is not a lot of players affected and server dont have lag. You need to check your connection.


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        I also notice a slowdown but it depends on how busy the server is (although when an emoji is in the chatbox or announcement banner it can get insufferable).
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          im on one of those servers, had no lag


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            same here I got a toon on east and one on west coast servers. and the only one giving trouble is my west coast, I keep getting error code when i try logging in and when it finally does go through the lag makes the game unplayable and keeps going to network connection bad. know its not possible since other server is run at same time on different tab and its not effected at all by the " network disconnection. cant be on my end

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