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  • Hotscrock
    started a topic Guild Status

    Guild Status

    After talking to a mentor and a few servermates, we decided it would worth the try to ask to fix this minor issue again. Its known that it dont affects the gameplay directly and already was labeled as low priority issue before. But the fix actually dont seems so hard since it just needs to change the text and theres no need to change the game programation.
    People can understand if words are abbreviated or contracted, so it would be nice if they change:
    "Offline x hour(s)" could be changed for "Off x h"
    "Offline x day(s)" could be changed for "Off x d"
    "Offline for a ..." could be changed for "Off x w", "Off x m" or "Off x y"
    Here is the screenshot:
    Click image for larger version

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  • Alkaris
    It was reported to devs a long time ago, but i think it is not priority fix for them. I will remind them about it again.

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  • R2107926937
    i agree w changing the times easier on the guild master ... and while this is a thread about guilds how about fixing guild mail? most of the time GM send a mail it flashes but nothing in there i know other guildies dont see mail either ...

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