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New bug on cool shop?!?

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  • New bug on cool shop?!?

    Like everyone here I've waited to see if cool shop would work or not this event. It was disappointing to see it is not (again) but not because of the reasons that were usually mentioned for that. In Online Bonus some players got amethysts but others got those horns for Bachelor's Affair. For the ones getting the horns, the cool shop works while for others it does not. My discontent is now even bigger and my question is why we got two different types of online bonus? Which is the reason for that?
    I also have a request (I think it is the same from the part of all players who have and face same problem): please check what is happening and fix it so that we all can enjoy the benefits of a cool shop working as having different online bonuses it is not fair (I do not see the reason that to happen).
    Thanks in advance for reply, for checking and eventually fixing it so that everyone to be happy in the end.
    Here are the screenshots I took (thanks to my friend I have the SS for a cool shop working as well).
    On all my chars, on S4, S9, S45 and S98, EU, the online bonuses have amethysts, so cool shop is not working. It is annoying and frustrating!

    1. Online bonus with ameths and coop shop not working
    Click image for larger version

Name:	cool shop.png
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ID:	1785282

    2. Online bonus with horns and a working cool shop
    Click image for larger version

Name:	cool shop 1.jpg
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ID:	1785283 Click image for larger version

Name:	cool shop 2.jpg
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ID:	1785284

    Ok, it starts to be more than frustrating and disappointing the fact there is no official answer whatsoever from anyone. That much about how much r2 cares and the way they see us! Thank you for so fast "reply" dear r2 staff!
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    hellabella, S4 Westhollow
    Growth is painful, change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you do not belong.

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    r2 just don't care about dp,don't believe when they say they working on it,just ridicoulous and dumb to put an event that doesn't work.


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      well, my character MeowMix on S124 today managed to get Illustria Nymph from the cool shop which for him is working (using Opera browser). I took screenshots of the shop showing where I collected the nymph and even a screenshot of the nymph activated and deployed on my character. Its not going to be taken away from him because of glitching is it?

      S124 Deadly Rise US West


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        So why only a partial fix? This shouldn't have been put up until it was fixed for all servers. I understand from a mentor that it doesn't work on chrome. That's what I play on. This is more frustrating for players who can't get the cool shop.
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          the metor said it works on fire fox and edge its alife my friend uses chrome and it works for him and another one uses web freer and it works for him itried fire fox and edge noun of it works it works for some people and the others dont not for some servers ........any way iknow iknow itried clearing cache and cookies and reboot its just some people are so goddammn lucky that works with them


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            server 139 foundry hills (Europe), cool shop not working , and do not tell me to try different browsers or anything else because i already tryed and not working , fix this **** event , i dont like that others can get new stuff with points from the cool shop and me with some other players cant get cool stuff , we should get compensated for this
            Click image for larger version

Name:	cool shop.jpg
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ID:	1726273
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              yep same thing is happening in our server some of us can get items while the others are drueling all over the items


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                it wasnt working for me. but then i found this thread. i didnt change browsers, but i did close it (i use firefox) and cleared cache, history, etc. then opened it up again... now i can see the cool shop... nice


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                  I am happy it works for you dear R269008869. Thing is I did the same and not only for the browser you mentioned (I use chrome/explorer/firefox/maxthon). The result is the same, no cool shop working. What bothers me most is why those different items in online bonus and why cool shop working only for the ones that do not have amethysts in it but horns? I can't get what's the relation between different items in online bonus - cool shop - browsers. The fact I cleared/cleaned/rebooted etc, I checked/reinstalled last flash version and did all staff we are usually told to do did not help at all. I would say is smth on my side but that is not the case as I am not the only one experiencing this. I have checked and asked with other players on the servers I have chars and some have same problems, some do not. So, I am just expecting a reply/answer/checking or whatsoever from a moderator or R2 staff for that.
                  hellabella, S4 Westhollow
                  Growth is painful, change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you do not belong.


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                    i cant speak for the other browsers, but is your firefox uptodate? should be 48.0.1 version


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                      oh btw, it might just be me, but i cant see the Supremacy Pack event


                      • #12
                        Its not just you. My Cool Shop is working (Firefox user too) - wasn't working for me at first till I cleared everything. But now I can't see the Supremacy Pack icon either. What a rigmarole xD


                        • #13
                          Glad to hear that clearing caches and cookies can help some players But unfortunately this fix wont work for everyone :/
                          Like Bella i tried to clean history in every possible way, and i went even far...
                          I created a sandbox only with Windows XP + Firefox + Flash Player (its impossible to be more clean than that) and still got no cool shop with my alt
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	000.jpg
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ID:	1726274
                          Bots are real even though people deny its existence.
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                            Yes a lot of people its still not working for even after trying everything. One of my guildies that its working for is using Chrome. And she can see the Supremacy Pack icon too.


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                              well in defense of R2 the supremacy pack is only eudaemon stones so the only people who can see the pack should be those lv 60+. as far as the cool shop goes it was working for me last night, but after relogging
                              around 10:30 pm the shop is now empty.