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Gift pack code entrance bug

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  • Gift pack code entrance bug

    r2 games offers gift packs for hitting certain levels...

    The gift pack code acceptance program has a bug in it.

    so far 3 times in a row it has given

    Gift pack doesnt exist-- disappers after 3 seconds screen shot not possible

    or the gift code not valid message 2 time. disappers after 3 seconds screen shot not possible

    so the etheir the in game feature is broken

    or the r2 games website code genetor is broken... well bugged...

    And i was totally going to get a deluxe gift pack today :C

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    You can submit a ticket here


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      i submit a ticket every time... other player shold be aware of it... it hasnt been fixed..

      I always get the pack but i always have to wait for the pack to arrive...