ok I was told by a mentor that the eudaemon/rings situation is a glitch from the last update and should still be lvl 60+ only. since players had assumed that the lvls required was changed to 55 what exactly happens if the devs decide to fix the glitch? if they simply get rid of them that means anybody why was using them would lose everything. eudaemon morphs, stones, and crystals would be
wasted which wouldn't be fair to the players since we thought they were added to the game. they can't exactly do a rollback without costing us 2 weeks worth of progress which would enrage the
entire player population. the only 2 options that really seem possible is to either actually make them and their respective pages accessable to players 55+ or to simply make them inactive until the
players reach lvl 60. the 2nd option seems the easiest to do without causing too much hassle for players.