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Demon King dungeon, no rewards?

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  • Demon King dungeon, no rewards?

    Happened too quickly to be able to catch a screenshot, but my first run today gave no rewards at all until the final card selection. I am the party leader, so I should have been the one to trigger it. My party members all said they got nothing as well. (Mandrake & Scarlette)

    ~ Illiria

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    ... & again on the third run through. This time with me, Mandrake and archmegs. None of us got rewards on the first battle round. Still finishing the rest.

    EDIT: First round, nothing for anyone. Second round, I got loot, but they do not know if they got anything. Third round, I got loot, they didn't. Final round, no idea.

    Mandrake is unable to see certain color shades (disabled), so he doesn't report a lot since he thinks he's just missing something. It's hard for him to see the colors the game puts up in chat, so he doesn't talk to many people except me in person (he's my husband). He said he's rarely if ever gotten loot via the dungeons and just thought he missed them going to his pack until he actually views his pack and sees that nothing has changed, including with his amethysts. Anything he needs reported, I will likely do for him from now on, so that the bugs are fixed.
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      Again this morning on the first run through Demon King with Oreo and DemonWolf. First 2 rounds, no rewards.

      2nd run with Mandrake and Spectro, no rewards first round.