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New lvl 45 MP bug

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  • New lvl 45 MP bug

    this is really pissing me off today i do lvl 45 mp dungeon and when i kill the last boss i dont get the results page with my xp or get to choose my random card prize. Did MP 3 times today and not once did i receive my 1m+xp for completing the dam dungeon! at the end of the mp run it just goes back to where we first started the fight with the boss and i cant move my toon etc... the only way to leave after its done is for me to go to town via the map!
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    Try to clear you cookies and cache. I will check into this further to see if there is a known issue.
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      What Server is this occurring on and what is your in game name?
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          I am sever S11, Keirane. I just didn't receive my treasure drop after killing a group in the dungeon it has happened many times before. Will you please fix this bug.