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bugs bugs bugs!

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  • bugs bugs bugs!

    So I didn't start having problems until today, I had completed about three offers for free gold and the company confirmed that the gold was sent, but I never received it. Then to complete a bounty quest, I had to spend gold coins/vouchers for three purchases, (which I did, using up my remaining gold) and the game didn't acknowledge it. It said I hadn't even made one purchase. The next "glitch" coincides with the last one. One of the purchases I had made never even was delivered to my inventory, even though the gold was taken out for it. Frustration!

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    R2games is not responsible for the when the payment from sponsors are sent. There is usually a time delay of some kind. Please check your temp area to see if the items went in there.

    What is your server and IGN? I will see what we can see on our end.
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