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Bought Level 40 Limited Edition Gift Pack & It's Screwed Up...

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  • Bought Level 40 Limited Edition Gift Pack & It's Screwed Up...

    I bought a Level 40 Limited Edition Gift Pack last night and didn't get all the items.

    I got Celestial Wings and it tells that it is not started yet, so I can't use them.

    I got a scroll that I was able to use.

    It had a orb chest that implied it was Dragon Orb Points/Energy, that I never received.

    I emailed and was informed that wasn't a purchase available, but I bought it or wouldn't have the wings.

    What do I need to do so I can get the rest of the my purchase?

    Thank you so much.

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    I got another email telling me that they were applied to orbs automatically. It wasn't something that I got to do myself.
    This has been resolved in a way so it can be deleted. Thank you.


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      Thanks for updating, closing the thread.
      File a ticket
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