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"running" in TH

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  • "running" in TH

    when playing TH n fight againts player today, i met a player named MuuuR, it end up with his char not hitting but "running". what im curious about is, how come it happened because i met him 3 times n it all ended up with his char running? and this is not the first time i met him with this situation. i can open facebook, or google, or any web with no problem, but my screen in DP is like frozen.

    what i could do just refresh browser

    i hope someone can explain about this cz it's really annoying. thx

    Sorry if my english isnt good, cz it's not my primary language

    S26 Thieves Europe

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    I think it's your connection problem !!!
    Confirmed by the fact that U cannot see my wings and jeffphi's character !!!


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      I have this problem all the time, whether lagging or not. Sometimes it just happens for ? reason. The best thing to do is like you say, to refresh ^^


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        for clear, i didnt mean to blame anyone, but the thing is, it's only happened when met u muur...n i wonder

        for this time, i use new browser, so it need to load from the start...usually i use chrome but i saw on a post that comodo dragon is better than chrme so i use it.

        n just like i said, when i tried to open any web, it's working fine..


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          PS. this is my 2nd char

          vvcree a.k.a KuniedaAoi


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            This happen no matter what browser you are using.
            I don't think it's really a lag issue. It usually happens to me when I run TH on 2 toons. Even if I'm not lagging, one of them will freeze, for some reason.
            If you lead the team the best is to refresh, but if you don't and the other members aren't the laggy/slow type, just wait til they finish fight and start a new fight, it will load the other fight and get you out of the frozen state ^^