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Offline Status of Guild Members

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  • Offline Status of Guild Members

    One bug that I find annoying from a guild manager's point of view is the time shown for offline of each guild members.

    Click image for larger version

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    As you can see from the screenshot, the words 'Offline for' are too long and cause the offline time to be covered up by the player's name. I understand that the Korean or Chinese version probably have native characters for Offline and this is more of a localization error. However, in my opinion, there is no need to have the words 'Offline for'. If there is a time in-front of the guild member's name, then we can intuitively know that is how long that player has been offline, or someone can write a guide about it. As it stands now, it is a guessing game for how long players actually have been offline.

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    Yes, I totally agree with you here, they need to sort this out, if you're not assisted in the next 24 hours, I suggest you send a ticket and they'll hopefully get it fixed.
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      do not file a ticket over this, its not a ticket issue....

      I requested that it was looked at a couple of months ago and it was considered for the 4.0 update, unforunately it was not able to be done but it is still being considered as part of another update
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        It's exceptionally poor. Especially as the lazy solution of removing 'Offline for' would both be adequate and involve no development.


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          Actually, as long as the player has been offline over 3 days, the offline message will automatically change it to "Offline for a long time"

          So even if the tech team were to remove the "Offline for", what you will be seeing is all "A Long Time" for all players that is offline over 3 days (Offline 1 month also "A Long Time", Offline 4 Days also "a Long Time"). So what is the difference? As I don't see the difference on how you can know how long this player is offline except that you know that he/she has been offline over 3 days. o.O?

          There is nothing like "Offline for 2 Weeks", "Offline for 4 days" etc where you can keep track on how long had this player been offline.

          Personally, I do feel that if there are going to have changes, it should be like some other games where the system can actually clock the exact offline days (Offline for a long time only for those over 1 month)
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            Thanks! That's interesting to know. I'd assumed there were more message after the 3 days but if not then it doesn't matter much unless they make the change you've suggested.