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Unable to log in ?

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  • Unable to log in ?

    Originally posted by R24079213 View Post
    Yup. nothing. Tried clicking on a character and picking a name on the "choose character" page. won't let me just (just to check that, too, again). And for choosing a name all it kept saying is "illegal label" *sighs*
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    • Server Name
    • Date of Registration
    • E-mail address bound to R2Games account
    • E-mail address used for purchasing (if any)
    • Amount purchased (if any)
    • I.P. Address of Registration (
    • Screenshot or a copy of your latest purchase receipt
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    hi I would like to ask for your help please. Y I cannot click all the icons and can't start my quest. Even I clicked them numerous times, just doing exercise exp only.


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      Avatar Name: ScarletSun
      Server Name: SkyFall Crest {S54~US East**
      Registration Date: 11-15-2013
      Email Address:
      I.P. Address:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Dragon Pals - Customer Support Complaint Submission Regarding {UnAble To Synthesize In BlackSmit.jpg
Views:	3
Size:	379.0 KB
ID:	1679487

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Dragon Pals - Customer Support Complaint Submission Regarding {UnAble To Play Dragon Pals** 001.jpg
Views:	2
Size:	411.5 KB
ID:	1679485

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Dragon Pals - Customer Support Complaint Submission Regarding {UnAble To Play Dragon Pals** 002.jpg
Views:	2
Size:	408.4 KB
ID:	1679486

      Issue Reporting: The recent game appearance adjustments implemented; as of 1:00am Thursday January 9, 2014, apparently contain major hiccups. At that time, I was unable to synthesis in BlackSmith. I understand that the developers made maintenance adjustments to correct this issue. But after doing so, I have not been able to play Dragon Pals all day. When I select the link within the r2Games site, another browser tab opens up, loads Dragon Pals; as it normally does, yet during the loading process of the game screen, it freezes at the exact same moment, every attempt made. Currently, almost all of the game icons are disabled and all the icons that should be flashing{highlighted**, are not... The only things that are functioning is Live Chat, Quests icon{parchment with quill**, Display/Hide icon{dragon eye**, and the Sound icon{speaker**.

      I do hope that this matter will be resolved sometime soon... And I do expect restitution for all the lost daily, events, and VIP rewards, when this matter is fully resolved. As a reminder, browser cache, cookies, etc. is cleared regularly. And the game operates similarly in Google Chrome, Pale Moon, and WaterFox browsers.

      Your technical expertise and support is greatly appreciated. Peace.
      Nothing is so Strong as Gentleness, and nothing is so Gentle as real Strength...


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        I'm having the same issue logging into DP. it freezes at the loading internal socket activity and if it does load i can't do anything at all.


        • #5
          Same as above. Mine also says "loading internal socket activity" & will not allow me to do anything else.
          Blightmore server. server 9?


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            I also cant get logged in it just freezes and does nothing. Character name - Beata Email- server- Kravenville if you need more information please email me.


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              how about you post a screen shot
              Dragon Pals and Shadowbound Mod and Basic tech support

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                i had to refresh my page 6-7 times to log in... whats going on???


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                  hi guys, i hv a question...
                  on jan 21st 2014 i got troubles to load the game, many times when i clicked any icons it didnt want to load. Ended up with nothing (can't load any other icons) and sometimes it says "Map failed to load...", just happened yesterday, before that it worked normally. I've tried clearing cache, flushing dns, update flash player, use different browser, but the result was the same. And this morning, it's still like that.
                  IGN : Bossun
                  Server : S26 Thieves Forest - Europe
                  Browser : Comodo Dragon, Chrome, Internet Explorer

                  from those 3 browsers, Internet Explorer works more stable than the other two (in my laptop)
                  thx to anyone if any sugestion or advice

                  P.S. : sorry if my english not so good, it's not my primary language and sorry im not used to get screenshot when sometime bad happend (my mistake) >.< but i will post a screenshot if it happen again (i hope not #09)


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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	g bisa buka.jpg
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Size:	531.3 KB
ID:	1680008

                    cant open anything... if i refresh the browser, it'll come a blackscreen


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                      Click image for larger version

Name:	Untitled.jpg
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Size:	216.8 KB
ID:	1680010

                      just happen again, when i want to do TH


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                        where is the help when u need it so bad -_-


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                          same here ... icant log in to the game...always black screen


                          • #14
                            same here....cant log in to the game always show black screen


                            • #15
                              this report will give me solution for blackscreen? i use proxy n it didnt work for FB login, so i need main site account to playing this game. please help us