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LOL, what's going on in cross server challenges?

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  • hero_biz
    started a topic LOL, what's going on in cross server challenges?

    LOL, what's going on in cross server challenges?


    What's going on in CSC? a lot of strange result for top 32 fights.
    our team won against a team with 130k br higher than us, and i though it was strange.
    but when I checked other results i saw unbelievable results. For example a team in godly challenge has won against a team with 500k br higher than them.
    we want to support teams that we guess can they could win. everything was ok till last CSC. But we cannot support at all like this....
    I think it is a serious bug...


  • Zalemos
    It seems the bug isn't for all teams in csc, godly had the top team that has won each time still pass the final 16 to final 8, but other teams like mine have lost to a team that is roughly 500k below ours. What im wondering is what will be done when a solution is found for the people who lost when it should have been a win?

    Edit: I just checked each team that made the finals, each team won correctly other than the team i'm on. My teams BR is 1.15m out opponent was 676k, i don't know how it would be possible to have only one team glitch like that.
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  • bee2791
    Our team bug is: we DID signed for cross server challenge, but our team ranking in top qualifier is N/A, is it a bug? and will we get the reward for qualififer at least, our team is not so weak, im pretty sure that we can get to top 32 at least. Lost that huge reward is not acceptable.

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  • CafeAuLait
    Hello, yes, it is strange and we have sent this on to be investigated by the developers. There are several threads on this already.

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