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Magic Lamp failure (Kongregate)

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  • Magic Lamp failure (Kongregate)


    If I correctly understand what KitWritten told us in another thread :
    We have been told that kong and armor will not allow players to do the sharing and as they are seperate platforms, they are able to make that ruling

    This would mean that not only is the magic lamp not working on Kongregate and possible Armor games, but it will never work.

    Please tell us, kongregate players, that there is at least a plan to compensate us with a free gift pack of cloth so we can at least use the damned lamp.


    Kongregate Server 2 player.

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    Hi DarkWonder,

    On the Kongregate forums there is an official post about this:

    So the lamp won't in fact work. The clothes to me aren't half as important as the thousands of vouchers and free gems we were offered. I'd like to know why this feature was added to Kong in the first place if Kongregate wouldn't allow it? Seems extremely unfair, especially considering it took them 3 days to let us know it wouldn't work. During this time I tried multiple browsers, multiple computers and disabled everything and anything that could be disabling popups. I did this following the instructions we were given. So in the end not only did I waste my time, we also will never receive any of the rewards that they initially said we would.


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      since the matter was addressed on kong servers in the thread that satansack posted, I am closing this thread as it is a kong forum issue
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