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Loosing 6000 BR

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  • Loosing 6000 BR

    i clean my browser cache and change proxy and log into the game and loose 6k BR, before i clean those cache and change proxy i have 55360 BR, and now i have only 49182 BR....where are they go????

    can anyone help me about this

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    i have lost br to almost 5k over night why?


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      This is hard to believe, because 55360 - 6000 = 49360. It seems like you did some mental math and came up with that number, and cleaning your Cache and changing your Proxy would have no effect on a browsers In Game Data, PLUS, you have no screenshot of the two BRs. This is just a scam to try getting a free 6000 BR so you can try to reach the top faster... Please WORK for your BR and don't scam and blame the System and Staff for your lie.
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        this happened to me to ! then i noticed my clothes ran out and i had potted
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