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    Originally posted by ReilaRein View Post
    I reported my issue about a week or so ago and it hasn't been fixed yet so it seems it takes time, so patience Baldur ^^
    its because last week, there was the spring festival in china and so we were working with 1/3 of the normal staff and that meant a backlog of issues

    I need some screenshots of the issue with the rings so I can fast track the issue
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      in short theres a bug and u dont care!!! I do Wrote my char name !!! Rechar!!! ANYWAY GOODBYE!


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        there is no need to be angry for anything. the fact that the ring problem that happen last week cannot be handle fast is because all chinese company thats based in china get atleast 3 weeks vacation on chinese new year is a common thing.
        and this is already posted here on forum that during the chinese spring festivals the staff is having a vacation until the 6th febuary.

        OUR mods is already being very kind to work really hard to fill the gap the R2 staff left for the holyday and maybe while you are sulking now the tech is trying very hard to find out your problem balbur, so please be patience.

        *specially since some of our "kind" and "patience" player is spamming the support while their on vacation.... (shiver) I can imagine the huge blockage on their email that need to be sorted fast so the support system can be working normal again.

        anyway my 2 cent for you (not really giving you my RL 2 cent) be patience your problem will be sorted soon