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Problems with Nymph

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  • Problems with Nymph

    Okay my character name is Vidacris & I play on S46 Riverton server 25. Well I had gotten a 5days buff yesterday & had gotten two 1 day buffs this morning at reset time which is now about 5 hours ago & just about a half hour ago I had lost all my buffs which was about 600 in br and the counter in the nymphs tab has reset to zero though the heart still appears near the egg on my screen with the counter & Im not sure what to do cause it wasted all my nymph hearts to rebuild my buffs back up. My battle rating was at about 132045 now it is down to 131442 and I know I didn't have any potions or scrolls on so I knew to check nymph cause that was the only timed buffs I had so when I checked I saw counter at zero and when I had asked in world chat another person said her counter is not working.
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