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Quiz Game Bug

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  • Quiz Game Bug

    So I placed 1st in the quiz this morning. Once it completed however, it said I had only answered a single question right and so I didn't get a reward. This happened before when I placed top three but thought nothing of it.

    SS attached, unfortunately I wasn't fast enough to get a screen cap of the 'You answered 1 question correctly' but I imagine it would be logged somewhere on the back end. Maybe.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	DPBug.PNG
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ID:	1745349

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    Bumping necro thread with updated SS from this morning. Placed first yet I'm told I answer 1 correct and gain no reward. As far as I can tell this is intermittent. I cannot do anything in particular that I know of to replicate it. This round I missed 1 question, got correct on all others.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	TriviaChallengeBug1.PNG
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ID:	1681320Click image for larger version

Name:	TriviaChallengeBug2.PNG
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ID:	1681321