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Honeymood purchase

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  • Honeymood purchase


    I've found a small bug on the Honeymoon.

    When i try to buy a Honeymoon by gold, the default price is 100. If i have VIP5, the price it's cheaper, right? I don't have the exact value right now but i am sure we don't spend the whole 100g for it.

    Whenever i try to make the purchase with, for example, 99 gold, it doesn't allow me do purchase that, even when the real price it's lower than the 100g.
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    I don't think the discount applies on things that have a set price.

    The discount is only applied in purchases in the shop, and with extra value packs. I can be wrong but I'm pretty certain.
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      you have to have the full price of 100GC to do the honeymoon in order to get the discount
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