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7 Dragons issue, won't go further

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  • 7 Dragons issue, won't go further

    I cannot beat the last den for the Frost Dragon. To beat it, I'm trying to blitz and upgrade my summoner level so that I may evolve my monsters. Now, it won't let me blitz anymore because my experience card inventory is full. It won't let me put any experience cards on my monsters because they are already full for their evolution level. I cannot delete the cards or synthesize them together. And, I can't evolve them because I don't have enough jade, which I need to blitz to get. It's just one big circle of being stuck.

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    There are 2 options you can either spend gold to increase the limit you can carry or use the exp cards on heros that your not using just to get rid of them. If your going to use em on heros you dont use make sure to use your lowest exp cards


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      The heros I'm not using are all maxed out with exp as well. And I don't really feel like spending what little gold I have.


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        I'm a college kid and tight for money, I've already spent a good $60 on here and can't afford to spend any more right now without dipping into my food and housing money.


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          than the best option without spending gold is to use extra exp cards on other heros to make room