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Some crazy **** going on

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  • Some crazy **** going on

    OK don't know whats going on but half the time buttons don't work for events and buttons like for nymph and others and i refresh and then i can't get on server whats going on it say something with the server DNS whats with that?Server name is S72 iron Mountains and my player name is Dingoberry and my HOLY SEAL not working right it should stop them from advance attack but it don't and the players don't have holy seal yet lvl to low .So what gives u guys need to work on the server u have and stop making more.So please look into this and not just say that u did

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    You're possibly having an issue from your client side.

    A suggestion for you is to proceed with a DNS flush, restart, and then check your buttons again.

    To proceed with this

    1) Click Start on your task bar.

    2) Search and run cmd (command prompt)

    3) type the command ipconfig /flushdns

    4) After it's complete, restart your computer and attempt to play Dragon Pals again.

    I hope this helps, feel free to come back and update me on the results.


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      the buttons not working correctly is normally a issue with your computer and the browser.....

      the DNS issue is a issue with the dns server, try clearing your dns cache and resetting the dns to something like or using comodo dragon with the secure dns server

      the holy seal only affects some types of attacks not all attacks
      Dragon Pals and Shadowbound Mod and Basic tech support

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        oh ok i will try that and i know Holy seal don't work on norm attack but it should work on the others if not it should say what attack it do work on and when the other player don't have holy seal it should work and my is lvl 3 and it should work for at less 2 round but it don't .and the buttons some will work and others don't so y is that?TY for the help and i will try it out but this has just started doing this out of the blue.


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          i still blackout everytime i open my backpack using comodo and nothing fix it.

          conclution is: comodo is not guarantee 100% will fix the problem. while chrome is known for buggy the fix is just regularly flushing dns and clearing cache (but that (still) will not fix te black screen and crash flash when i open my backpack)


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            I see that u guys don't care i ask to look in to this and still the same **** but my drop setting is lower .I like to have a refund for all the money i spend on this game .AND NOW MORE ** IS GOING ON!!!! I put 100s of coins in wishing well and get ** like lvl2 gems and stuff i can get easy from other means.And i am still not doing the damage i should be doing still lower br players doing more damage than me and my is over 90k and my patk is over 20k .If u guys won't me to Quit give all the money i spend on this game and i will quit .If not FIX this **** and don't say there is nothing wroung .i know better i test it over and over .


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              This is 1 of the players i can barly tae her hp down and she that my down alot thats with out her nymph and dragon so whats the deal and there is more players so this is just a pointClick image for larger version

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                And here is another 1 i can barly bring down his hp y is this i should do more damage that what i am doing so whats the ****Click image for larger version

Name:	another 1.GIF
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                  the wishing well rewards are not a bug....

                  as for the fact that you can not hurt or beat some players.... learn to work out how the different classes work..... warriors are defensive classes unless they go for serious crit hitting and when they face a mage that could be using healing skills then the warrior needs to drop the thors shield and using tornado skill and earthquake because they need to be doing more and consistent damage to the mage

                  the things that you are reporting are NOT bugs and I can not pull a tech in to look at the other issues you reported in your original post as they are issues that will not show up for us
                  Dragon Pals and Shadowbound Mod and Basic tech support

                  R2 Serrin, My partner and fiancee, RIP 1971-2015
                  Cha bhi fios aire math an tobair gus an trÃ*igh e.