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Pays to Consume didn't award.

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  • Pays to Consume didn't award.

    my boyfriend just loaded $40 onto my account, I got the $56 total for that and spent it all on the 100k dragon spirit pack. I got the recharge awards, and the consume award with the runestones and jade, but not the consume award for the essences. I'm in DI currently so I don't have a screenshot of it. I've only gotten the spend 500 but that was from another day, but not up to the 4000 mark like I should have.

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    there are currently two at least on my server one resets daily and doesn't count returned gold being spent. the other is for the duration of the event and returned gold counts but it doesn't count if you spend the gold coins on market deals or extra value packs. The one you're speaking of is probably the duration of the event one and you spent the gold coins on the extra value pack so it wont count We have to read the small print well I went through it already also, read it before I reported it though so I just let it go.
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      gold spent on the extra value packs will not count with the dragon essense pays to consume

      its stated in the description of the event and the dragon spirit packs are extra value packs
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        I see it now, thanks. I'd do it again though even though those essences are a good reward cause my dragon really needed the boost it got ^,^