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A problem with vip grown points

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  • A problem with vip grown points

    I have spendet 600 gold coins the same day i got vip and i only got 1 vip grown points. What can i do to get my vip points back? Is there a way to see that i have spendet that much? I can show a picture of me spending 1.1k coins(spendet about 650 gold and 450 returned). Right now i have 1 vip grown points and i also can show i picture of that. Is this enought for proof so i can get my vip grown point back? If it is, i can post the pictures.

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    I spendet all on "coin pack"(200 magic and 400 dragon), spirit offering, essence offering and amethyst alchemy. Need fast response pls


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      Did you activated a vip trial card before you got full vip?


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        yes i did.


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          should i not done that?


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            reponse pls


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              Originally posted by ChronosDPS View Post
              Did you activated a vip trial card before you got full vip?
              What do you mean?


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                help any mod?


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                  the recharged points will not count towards vip growth points so we can rule out the 450 recharged coins for a start......and if you are using a trial vip, the full vip has not kicked in yet, it will follow on from the Trial vip
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