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Hot events - Super All-star Nymph Plan

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  • Hot events - Super All-star Nymph Plan

    Server 1
    This happened on 1 March
    The first level of the Hot events just now - Unlock Nymph (reward: 6 Nymph Holy Stones - timed 24 hours)

    I logged on, saw it and against it the 'Claim' button was coloured and flashing so I clicked it, then I realised that I was lvl46 and I do NOT have a nymph unlocked.
    I went into a panic trying to lvl up to 55 so I can get a nymph and not waste the 6 timed stones, but I probably won't make it within 24 hours.
    Can someone please look into it as to why I can claim the reward while I was only lvl46 (52 now) and still do not have a nymph unlocked?
    Am pretty annoyed that the reward is going into waste while I should not be able to claim it in the first place.

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