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BR Getting Lower

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  • BR Getting Lower

    Okay here goes. 2 days ago my BR was just over 119K. Yesterday it was 118K, and now today after DI it went down to 117K. I still have Exodus/Salazzar in play, My Nymph buffs are still active, I haven't levelled up, all of my equipment is still perfect. In fact I have had a 100 gold wedding and honeymoon every day including today. I have no explanation for this.

    Can you please look into this? Thank you.

    Player: Aabb
    Server: 55 City of Crowns.

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    Now this is weird. I unequipped EVERYTHING including orbs, and when I re-equipped it my BR went back up to 119K. I'm still trying to figure out why my BR dropped, but if it doesn't decrease then you may consider the matter closed.

    Until it happens again, which hopefully will never happen.


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      If this is a problem, I would love to know why it's happening.

      Future reports on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.