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New Extra Value Pack?

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  • New Extra Value Pack?

    It is not possible to add a store also as "extra value pack"? but that be bought with retund gold coin?
    because not all we have to pay with dolares and to buy, but we have retund?
    so they come combs good like those of Extra Value Pack...?

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    EVG is's main fund raiser. If you create a EVG that costs returned gold coin (which can be easily collected through the use of supporter's pass), then how they gonna get enough fund to keep the servers from working? Besides, you can buy almost everything from shop, using returned gold coin. But if you want the buy the items that has been discounted, then you have to spent some dollars for it. If you don't have dollars to be spent, then patiently collect the returned gold coins from supporter's pass, then buy the item from shop, lucky bazaar, or flash sale. You have to pay full price (or 20% discount) for it though.
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      okay, I get it ..
      is that all there is in store, but no combos or package as well as the extra value pack.
      only individual items, at least special offer ..


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        actually each event they give a discount on certain items/ packs in store for returned gold just no the ones usually needed for current event. simply means u can collect and store items till the event comes around again