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Vets and mods

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  • Vets and mods

    Just killing time in forum and had suggestion. I think the mods and vets need to have better communication. When someone post's a bug that isn't just a user error or misunderstanding of how something works. I think some one should let the vets know so they can bullhorn in game lobbies. I'm online most of day because I have no life lol. Its very rare to see a bullhorn saying something is broke or fixed from them. When u ask a vet a ? that isn't how to play the game, but about a bug they don't have a clue what your talking about. Also I've been told by vets (there's not a mod online I cant report anything or they can't report just help play game). My best example is this latest CSC glitch. The forums are lit up like Christmas tree with CSC being broke and wanting compensation etc.. Yet I haven't seen 1 Bullhorn on any of the 4 accounts I play letting people know they shouldn't use support passes etc... they might lose it. Well anyways I think better communication would help mods with complaints, and less complaints because people would know. The End

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    There are mods online we just have one with a major issue right now and waiting for password reset. Now, vets are normally on the last few servers. There are holidays around the world and that has led to some issues on games as there is a major one in China right now. We are working on fixing the issues as fast as we can but threads like this are not helpful. You are simply complaining. If you want to make a post about an actual bug then do so with all the information that is required. This is being locked.
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