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CSC Is Fixed ?

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  • CSC Is Fixed ?

    With this Maintenance 10/13,today is fixed the CSC or next time will be same problem ?

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    I would want to know this as well, because it also means we will be missing Invicible Me if we can't get high on the CSC and for Invincible Me the rewards are even better, so we're missing on 2 of the best cash-free events.
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      at this stage there is no information available about the issues that are affecting the CSC and other events
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        what was added during the new version patch that could have bugged csc to this degree?

        i'm thinking its the lvls


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          the glitch is in my favor lol i won csc due to the glitch...except it was on an alt server one person team lol


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            Originally posted by Yuyana View Post
            what was added during the new version patch that could have bugged csc to this degree?

            i'm thinking its the lvls
            If I had to guess, it was probably something changed during the 'upgrade' update. Maybe gem resonance, first move, or nymph glyphs. Either one of the those new systems or some variables were changed. I had noticed nymph glyph in csc would reflect what your glyph currently was instead of what it was when you last updated.

            CSC is probably being passed new values from one or more then one of the new things, but doesn't know how to handle it. So instead of something worse (like potentially crashing CSC or the server entirely) the player simply doesn't show up instead. Unfortunately signing up teams causes everyone to automatically update. That's my guess anyways. don't take my word for it, its just my guess.
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              please check exp from MP85 nightmare, is it really 3M now with 100% exp card?
              it was +/-5M before MT