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Playing multiple accounts

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  • Playing multiple accounts

    Question about playing multiple accounts including other people's. Will you get banned? Everyone's been doing that lately, and there shouldn't be a point to ban them. Need an answer please.

    VixenFire S1

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    The account sharing prohibition was probably the last effective change at ToS. This happened some time ago when the game scenario was totally different, but I dare to say that at the present time this rule can no longer be controlled, at least not in an effective way.
    If we look at the 20 strongest battle rating of the East Coast, at least half of them have or had alts at some point, either accounts created on another server that has just been merged, or accounts "inherited" from another player who left the game. Banning all of them (including me) would only dictate an early end to the game. I think common sense is needed (the rules of the game mention the term "abuse").
    If someone feels really harmed and has evidence that there is abuse "in fact" I think something should be investigated. But all the time I play here, except for rare exceptions, usually the ones who report abuse are the ones who cant accept defeat and commit abuses even worst than the ones they are reporting. I think everyone who survived till now continues to play because they really like the game or because the friends they made. The competition still exists, but I dont think it's still the main focus now. If the law was applied in a martial way I think none of this would remain.
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      I agree with you. I think of it out of kindness, you'd do someone else's toon and do dailies with them. Kind of basically it.


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        This has been debated and discussed.....from my experience I can tell you its ok but I also don't work for R2 nor do I advocate for them. Just don't marry your alt all I can say. You can find many threads on this subject and even read this TOS which advocates multiple accounts and/or toons.


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          if memory serves me correctly the rule for alts was that you weren't allowed to use them to advance or advantage your main toon
          and as for account sharing the issue with that was two fold
          people were selling there toons to others which is a breach of the ToS as all rights to the toons belong to r2
          the other issue with the account sharing was people reporting missing gold and items that had been used by the player they were sharing the account with
          I hope that gives a little clarifaction as to why those rules are in place as well as why the implementation of them is discressionary
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