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Thanks Tribal Clash!

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  • Thanks Tribal Clash!

    your stupid chests gave me the one orb i couldnt use....10 times

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    Game tutorial finishes when your character reach level 30 and goes to the second town.
    The tutorial covers pretty much all the basics for low level players including Orb collecting, capturing and equiping.
    If you don't have an orb equipped in any of the pets at the moment it's because you didn't pay attention at Orbs part of tutorial.
    Of course all those shiny rewards can be mesmerizing, but its highly recommended to finish tutorials in any game you play before go ahead.
    Unfortunately the only fix for that is buying an extra orb slot for 20 gold.
    ~~ Mentor Soka ~~
    The Too Cool Cat


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      if you can stomp the mobs in guild dungeon 5 then 20 gold should be no sweat