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Any updates for new dp gmt server ??

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  • Any updates for new dp gmt server ??

    first time to play DP and its really awesome.. currently playing on the newly opened server Misty Tower but the problem is.. it was so rarely opposite time in my country and i missed lot of major events.. were hoping that the DP admin will make another new GMT server..

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    yea we need GMT time zone server as fast as possible


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      defo and i want my toon transfered to it, ive spent too much on a server thats asleep when im awake to restart


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        Just check the News and Events forum, you'll find out about a GMT server at the same time I do.

        @Trouser as with all R2 games, transfer of a character between servers is not possible, I'm sorry.
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          yeah I just hope they will release another GMT+8 server its hard to play due to opposite time