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Stopping at Level 69

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  • Stopping at Level 69

    Ok, now that the holy seal system has been confirmed with the features.

    What Im going to suggest to the older servers - Stopping your levels at level 69, do not go over to level 70 until at least half of your server players are prepared.

    And why do we stop at level 69?

    As some may not know, Demon Invasion is based on highest level player in the server. Which means, once there is a level 70 player in your server, your Demon Invasion monster level will be at level 79. One more level of hard winning the event and even worse, spending the vouchers gets you even futher less than what you are getting in level 69 Demon Invasion.

    This stopping at level 69 needs ALL high level players to come to a agreement. Basically, teamwork for this one common target even if your guild are in bad terms with other guild. Do you want to spend over 500, 600, 700 etc vouchers for the little amount of like 1M or 2M ame from the Demon Invasion? Or do you want to start earning ame more and more from Demon Invasion when everyone stops at level 69 (at the sametime, winning the event)?

    And so how do we stop our levels at level 69?

    Very striaght forward answer - Holy Seal System

    Holy Seal system is the system skills that players use their own player EXP to learn the skills inside there. And there are 9 skills for you to chose and some may think that the skills can be learned very fast. So a little hint: Level 1 Skills: 21M EXP requires to learn. Use this method to slow down your server's leveling while at the sametime allows your lower level players to build up stronger. Like this, Demon Invasion will starts to get more people hitting as more damage will be dealt, and soon...even with 50 players joining the Demon Invasion, you can still win the event.

    Some may want to say, we want to get the level 70 equips, or should say we want to do the MP70. Sure you can do it, but that is provided that you have at least 90K BR or your have 1 or 2 members who had already complete hero towerl level 20 to carry you through. So the best way is stop at level 69 until you are ready for the challenge.
    Yes! 1 year no recharge on R2 platform games. More days/months/years to go~

    Why bother to recharge when they show no efforts managing their games except their template events?