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Pest control AKA bug resistance

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  • Pest control AKA bug resistance

    Now that the first part of the patch has been implemented for everyone, and that all got chance to try everything beside guild battle, I think it's time to open a debate / ask opinions about it. SO! Pest control: what do YOU think of it?

    Having new events implemented is great, gives something to do beside looking at characters run back and forth which gets tiring fast (lol) not to mention the dizzyness. And with nothing to farm / do between events, new events are more than welcome!

    So back to Pest Control: what do you like of it? What do you hate out of it? I'm curious to see if other players have same opinion as me about it (I'm keeping mine secret for now )

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    Personally I would have liked to be able to do the event with less than 4 people if I chose to. xD Perhaps we both get 2 colours, or there are just less rewards like in DD (Devils Den). Otherwise.. It's probably one of the more "stressful" events I've been through, just because it's so easy to mess up and there's so many people you're messing it up for. Luckily you don't start from the BEGINNING if you mess up, like I initially had thought it would. xD (I also party with guildies so it makes the stress a little less)

    The problems with it I find are that invisible cooldown after each "wave", so then there's a delay. Also, sometimes there are bugs stacked perfectly on top of each other, and I personally just don't like clicking on the same spot like that. xD

    It's also a super laggy event that runs really slow for the people with not as great computers, so takes a lot of resources to get through.

    At first I couldn't tell the difference between green and yellow bugs, though I noticed it later. They kind of look similar because the green bug has a yellow outline/glow. (I realize now there are pictures under your picture, but there's only so much you can figure out your first time through I guess) I also didn't know there was the "auto-ready" feature until about 4 attempts in, it seems kind of hidden.

    Everyone who I played bug resistance with messed up on the 2nd attempt of their first time, because it's not easy to see that your colour has changed.

    I feel like I'm only complaining so I should say some good things too XD

    I like how we can have up to 4 people, because usually everything is at most capped at 3 because of the party limit. It's also a cooperative event, which is really nice to have because everything else is competitive and it kind of kills happiness if everything is just "fight! compete!! beat that guy!!"

    I like how it doesn't take too long to do, because many of the other events are fixed time, and you usually have to stay for most of the duration.

    I also like how if you miss this event, it doesn't "set you back" unlike if you miss TH or cage for a week. This way you don't feel like you have to throw away your real life just to play a game, and you don't have to set mental alarms for each event. It doesn't make the game more like a job.

    Everyone gets to do something, unlike in DD how you just follow the leader and check back to make sure you're not on a quiz or a map. This way everyone is involved, and it feels less ..burdensome?

    I still ended up complaining xD but I hope that's fine.


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      Seein how unpopular pest control became, I think allowing less than 4 to be able to start it MIGHT be a good idea.

      Most of the time, only 1 team is participating it on my server, sometimes none at all, since can't even get 4 players on the whole server to participate, which is kinda bad.
      It is true that S6 is literally dead though, but still, I assume the same problem should occur on other servers as well.

      On a sidenote, I must confess participating on that event is only for experience points, definately not for the fun of that event, personally, from 1 to 10, I would give that event a 2. Since it's not buggy and works well, colors and shape are well defined, I give it a 2 (lol)

      Can't always post positive threads I guess, right? xD
      Wartune - S9 Camp Calorn
      Dragon Pals - S6 Emerald Isle
      Shadowbound - S2 Crystal Meadows
      Weak warrior


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        As a player.. it's not an event I participate in. As a mod, I will certainly pass along complaints about it.
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