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Dragon pals Guild Fee guide

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  • Dragon pals Guild Fee guide

    ok, so i have been looking around a little, and there is no easy Guild Fee guide avaiable, so i am going to post the Fee's that i know about, (i will not post how much it costs to level up your guild. because this is informed when you are going to upgrade)

    This guide will help you check if you can afford the next guild fee at every Sunday after you upgrade. instead of waiting with the upgrade til Mondays.

    Guild Fee's

    LvL 1 : 1000 Guild Contribution
    LvL 2 : 3000 Guild Contribution
    LvL 3 : 6000 Guild Contribution
    LvL 4 : 8000 Guild Contribution
    LvL 5 : 12.000 Guild Contribution
    LvL 6 : 16.000 Guild Contribution
    LvL 7 : 20.000 Guild Contribution
    LvL 8 : 25.000 Guild Contribution
    LvL 9 : 30.000 Guild Contribution

    I will update this when i know 10. Hope this helps you
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    I can't help but feel like this should be in Taming Tips & Teachings, but that's just me since it looks like a guide (even if basic). Still, great to know for future expansion plans!

    Regan's only 15 minutes late.


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      yeah you are right, so i posted it there too, i cant see where i can delete this post :/


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        Originally posted by Glenn_J View Post
        yeah you are right, so i posted it there too, i cant see where i can delete this post :/
        Regular members like us do not have permission to delete our own posts, the best we can do is edit the title and post saying "Delete this please".

        Regan's only 15 minutes late.


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          *Closed thread*
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