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New Add Ons?? when will they be Implemented??

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  • New Add Ons?? when will they be Implemented??

    Not that i dont have much patience, but i have been wondering?? when will the add ons from the patch work??

    We have "Convert Dragon orbs" " Enchant dragon orbs" "4th skill slot" ??

    So any info when they will be implemented?? or is there a level requirement before they can be activated??

    Most of the things added into the game, well, almost everything is not fully explained and there is not much information about things??

    so it will be nice if you at least give brief explanations about stuff..

    thank you!! ^^
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    I heard the 4th skill slot unlocks at 65 from a vet.

    Regan's only 15 minutes late.


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      The fourth slot is for your holy seal. That is what unlocks at 65, the other items like transmute orbs have not been released yet. Keep an eye on forum announcements for details.
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