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Developable wings

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  • Developable wings

    cant some1 post some information about them like what stats they give and say you upgrade a lvl how much stats does that give thank you want to know if the genesis wings are worth buying

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    Those wings goes up by about 2-5 each stats per level. The 5 stats it upgrades are the 5 stats of your choice (you choose which stats you want on it when you buy them) With that being said, only using amethysts CANNOT upgrade them to their full potential.

    Using amethysts ONLY will bring them to about +120 each stats. To upgrade them further, you need to spend gold coins. Their full strenght is 395 each stats (1975 if you choose HP stat). To upgrade them to full, I guess 40-50$ is required and gives a boost of about 5k BR.

    Definately worth it if you want my opinion.

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      thanks just what i needed to know guess il be buying them lol


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        40-50$....thats can make me instant POOR!!!