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    If you're willing to be the "wallet warrior", then that's the best class. ^^

    But seriously and honestly speaking, kind of depends on your play style. A good mage, archer, warrior.. Can all kill each other.

    If you like damage and don't care about how many hits you can take and stuff, archer might be best class for you. Archer tends to be the best for single targets, so for bosses and stuff, this is where archers shine.

    If you like to do damage, tank, and support all at the same time, mage might be best class for you. Mages tend to deal tons of damage because of thunder, so usually do the most damages for things like groups of mobs. You can also go full support/heal if you wanted to, to support other party members.

    If you like to always keep lots of HP (equivalence of tanking) and care a little less about damage (so would forgo some damage for survivability), then warrior might be for you. Warriors tend to be able to live through more things and thus are used as main meatshields in parties, they also have a nice passive party attack boost at lv50, so everyone loves a good warrior.


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      Mage will be the best class for cash players as they had the upperhand on clearing the monster in hero towers much faster than other class.

      If that is the main Aim that you are looking for. If you can clear level 20 hero tower, you are basically a all-rounded mage that is able to tank, heal and deals lots of damage.
      Yes! 1 year no recharge on R2 platform games. More days/months/years to go~

      Why bother to recharge when they show no efforts managing their games except their template events?