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Dragon souls

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  • Dragon souls

    I'm not getting any dragon souls most of the time when I do it's just very few.

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    Your best dragon soul choice, if you are a free player, is the arenas. Do your 15 arenas daily.

    Dragon soul crops gives close to none, even the 12 hrs ones are not even worth planting, I discard them. If you are VIP4 , you get 3 free alchemy for dragon souls, which is nice.

    Those are the 2 ways to farm dragon souls from what I know
    Wartune - S9 Camp Calorn
    Dragon Pals - S6 Emerald Isle
    Shadowbound - S2 Crystal Meadows
    Weak warrior


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      Your Goddess Statue in your farm gives you 1k something dragon soul a day too. So make sure you have enough friends to max the prayers.


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        Exactly as BigBlete and Itmoc said. Thank you guys for providing the answers.
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